Mobile Mutts v2.0 Shelter/Rescue Info


Our volunteers are 100% dedicated Animal Rescuers! They are all volunteers deeply invested in the safety and security of your dogs. While these dogs are in their care and control, in their minds, they are their dogs! As a Transport Coordinator, it doesn't get any better than that! These are the kind of volunteers we all want!!

General Requirements for Sending and Receiving:

• A copy of the upcoming run sheet and wait list is emailed weekly to all shelters and rescues who have requested transport.
• When it is received please double check it for errors and omissions.
• Please notify the transport coordinator immediately of any changes that are required.
• Only dogs who are UTD on all vaccinations are permitted to travel on Mobile Mutts. Exceptions will be granted to pregnant moms. In the case of puppies, we require that they be UTD on age appropriate vaccinations. Please discuss individual exceptions with the transport coordinator prior to submitting your request for transport.
• We require puppies (under 16 weeks old) to have been out of a shelter environment and in "quarantine" for two weeks prior to transport.


• RECEIVING RESCUES MUST provide complete contact information for the party who will be receiving the dog upon his arrival no later than Thursday on transport week as well as an emergency contact person (responsible party) who has the authority to make decisions on behalf of the Rescue should an emergency arise during transport.
• A representative of the receiving Rescue must be present upon arrival of their passengers. Transport coordinator must be provided with the name, phone number and email address of the person(s) meeting the transport, as well as an alternative emergency contact. We will do our best to make sure you are updated as to the unavoidable early/late arrivals. Please keep in mind that our volunteers have just spent several hours on the road driving for you at their own cost. It is not "nice" to make them wait for you to arrive at the pick up location. If you are consistently later for pick ups, we will no longer transport to you.
• Be prepared to show photo ID if you are picking up passengers for your Rescue group.
• In the case of a multi-passenger pick up, only one person from your rescue should be the one claiming your passengers from our driver(s). Rescues are not allowed to remove passengers from our vehicles without the consent of the driver. This helps avoid confusion when there are dogs with similar appearances.
• Passenger paperwork will usually arrive to you in one large envelope with your rescue name on it. Please don´t forget to claim it from our driver!

Sick Animals
Should a dog become sick along the way, the receiving rescue is responsible for paying for any vet care deemed to be necessary during transport. We will make every effort to contact the receiving rescue prior to seeking veterinary attention; however, should we be unable to contact you it is the sole discretion of the transport coordinator to make the final decision concerning emergency vet care and the receiving rescue agrees to take full financial responsibility for all veterinary costs incurred.


• The available space on our transport is completely driven by the number of volunteer drivers and overnight hosts we have available on a given week. At times, that number can vary widely, especially during holidays and peek vacation times.
• We often have a 2 to 3 week wait to get dogs on our transport and encourage you to submit your Transport Requests as early as possible.
• ALL Applications for transport must be made by completing our online Transport Request Form .
• Once your transport request form is received, your passenger is either assigned an open spot on transport or placed on the wait list for the next available transport date.
• Incomplete requests (ones missing vetting information or photos) are marked as pending and will not be assigned a date until all information is received.
• If your passenger is pulled from transport for any reason (such as local adoption or medical concerns) we may allow you to substitute that dog for another under the following conditions: substitutions will be allowed if space permits, provided both dogs are of the same approximate weight (or smaller), body size, sex and has been altered and only with the approval of the sending/receiving shelters/rescues and the transport coordinator.
• Unfortunately there will be times when we will not be able to allow substitutions. This will generally occur near the holidays or during peak vacation periods. Mobile Mutts are a volunteer based group and we cannot predict the availability of volunteers who give a lot of time to "make the magic" happen.
•We reserve the right to request that complete vet records be submitted for review by a Mobile Mutts consulting veterinarian prior to your passenger being allowed on transport.
• All dogs must travel with a health certificate and proof of vaccinations. No exceptions - this is the law in order for dogs to travel across state lines! Paperwork for each dog should be placed into an individual envelope marked with the dog´s name on it. One envelope for each passenger please! Please indicate on the envelope if there are medications traveling with the dog.
• The transport coordinator MUST BE NOTIFIED if any dogs are traveling with medication and if they will need that medication administered during transport.
• Dogs must have a secure collar and a leash. We cannot expect our volunteer transporters to provide these.
• Dogs should have their name and receiving rescue information CLEARLY labeled - either on their collar or on an ID tag affixed to the collar.
• Comfort items travelling with the passengers should be in a bag, clearly labelled with the passenger´s name.
• We ask that you provide the name and contact information (email and cell number) for the party who will be delivering your passengers to meet the transport no later than Thursday on the week of transport. This is so we can copy them on all information pertinent to the transport, and we can contact them should the transport be running ahead or behind schedule.

Private Adoptions

Mobile Mutts will NOT transport dogs for private adoptions unless the adoption has been authorized by one of our approved Rescues. There are no exceptions! Once approved, if we agree to move a dog to an adopter, it can be accommodated only as space permits. Our first priority is to move dogs from high kill shelters to safety.