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Mobile Mutts is a 100% volunteer based rescue transport group of dedicated animal rights advocates who transport "death row" dogs from high kill shelters in the south to the safety of screened and approved foster based rescues throughout the Midwest. Mobile Mutts volunteers drive year round and weather permitting from Cordele, Georgia and head up through Nashville, Louisville, Indianapolis, Champaign and Chicago in Illinois, Madison and Eau Claire in Wisconsin and end in the Minneapolis, MN area.

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McKensie Rae Transport

April 9, 2016 - Yesterday from late afternoon into the evening, did anyone feel the earth move? In case you missed it, let me tell you about it. A dog was brought into KWAS in Kentucky. She had been shot multiple times in the head and left to suffer. With fractures to her upper and lower jaw and open infected wounds some people would think this was the end. But most people aren't VL Crook, a rescuer who won't give up. With the specialized medical treatment that was needed and couldn't be performed in that area Miss Vikki started reaching out, and she knew right where to go. Second Hand Hounds. After contacting Miss Sara and telling her of the situation SHH agreed to take this poor baby in and get her the needed medial care she deserves. This was the new start that McKensie Rae needed!

Of course the story doesn't end there. KY and MN are not by any means close together. So now what? If only Miss Vikki knew of a transport group who could move heaven and earth to get McKensie to her new start in life. As fate would have it, there is just such a group. You know who I am talking about, those folks, the ones who give everything each week to saving lives in the world of rescue, Mobile Mutts! So how to you do something like this? Stick with me and I will tell you all about it.

Miss Vikki had already alerted Kate about what was going on. Let me side step here for a moment, you know this wonderful electronic age we love to hate? Well I can tell you if it wasn't for computers, cell phones, Facebook, text messages and good ol' hard work, McKensie might not have had much hope. So remember the next time the electronic age ticks you off, there is a sliver lining.

So the team went to work. Kate, Julie, Lisa and Connie all rolled up their sleeves and started on a plan. Keep in mind that something like this, changes and evolves every few minutes. How do we get from KWAS to Louisville, to Indiana, to Illinois for the night. Who will take a baby with medical needs. What kind of time line do we have? Can we get drivers to go extended legs, can this person do that? Wait, we hit a roadblock here and there, change plans again! Now what? The "pucker" factor is now starting to set in for the special transport. New option, the friendly skies might be the way to go, if we only knew a pilot! WAIT we do! Someone contact Sean!!!! You would think that a person who just got back from an overseas trip wouldn't even want to think about trying to fly again this soon, but we are Mobile Mutts, and the words "no" or "I can't" didn't even come to mind. So work was started on getting a flight arranged. Logistics being what they are (and the weather) was throwing us a curve ball and a change up at the same time. So what happened when that door looked like it would close? No we didn't try another door, we busted down the one that was closing! Time for more connections to be made. Sean was able to get in touch with Delta Airlines and find out the information needed to have a dog on a flight. Sounds a bit crazy doesn't it? Then again for a frequent flyer, air miles are great! So guess who has a flight today? Sean will be traveling to Louisville and bring McKensie to MN today!

Roadblock! Do we have our medical clearance and health certificate? See I told you this changes and evolves a lot! So we wait, Vikki is at the vet trying to get everything that is needed and official word that this sweet baby can fly. Time stands wasn't all that long, but it's kind of like waiting for water to boil.

And now the rest of the story. McKensie has clearance to fly, Sean will be her date, Vikki will arrange an escort to the airport, Kelly will pick up the wonderful couple when their plane lands and Julie will take McKensie to SecondHand Hounds after that. Kate will be saying "we pulled this off" all day and as for me, I'm going to try and figure out how to express our gratitude for all the Mutts out there. Each week you give everything to save these babies, if asked you would do even more for times like these. When something like this happens we can always count on Mutts to get the job done...we always do, this is who we are. - Earl Stevens, MM Coordinator/Photographer


Rescue transports are a leg-to-leg, ground relay transport, much like the old "pony express". We like to call it the "Underdog Railway". Mobile Mutts is a 100% Volunteer based rescue transport of dedicated animal rescuers and advocates.

Rescue transports are just one part of a multi-pronged process. Through the internet, animal shelters are able to post lists of their animals currently in impound and in need of rescue to their Rescues contacts across the country.

Once a rescue commits to take a dog from the shelter the transport coordinator is contacted to set up the transport.,

The coordinator prepares a "Passenger List" with all the dogs scheduled to board the transport, then sets up the routes and times and begins posting the proposed transport to their contacts. Mobile Mutts utilizes a "sign up genius" which is an on-line sign up for the drivers and overnight hosts to volunteer to participate in the transport.

Each transport consists of multiple legs averaging between an hour to an hour and a half per leg. When all the necessary legs have been filled with the appropriate number of drivers to safely and comfortably carry the number of dogs that are scheduled to travel a "Final Run Sheet" is sent out to all of the parties involved in the transport. This final run sheet details each leg of the transport; the meeting location in each city; contact information for each of the drivers; information on the sending shelters and receiving rescues; and detailed information on each of the animals traveling.

Then the furkids get on the road! Once the transport starts, the drivers are instructed to call the coordinator(s) or monitors once each hand-off is completed and the animals are safely loaded and on their way to the next stop. When all legs have been completed, the animals are picked up by the appropriate rescues and brought to their foster homes and begin their new lives!

"When all that stands between life and death is a ride, how can you say no?"